Watercare Projects South Africa Launched

Meeting the needs of Sub-Saharan Africa Industrial Water Users.

5th September 2012

Watercare International Ltd is delighted to announce the incorporation of the South African based Watercare Projects SA, set-up to address the water treatment needs of industrial water users in Sub-Saharan Africa. Watercare Projects SA combines the expert process, mechanical, electrical and C&I design engineering capabilities of Watercare International Ltd with the excellence in project execution of Ametis Projects CC to deliver a turnkey solution to the water treatment needs of Customers in the region.

Chris Russell, Managing Director at Watercare International said “This is an exciting opportunity to expand the best available technology into the power market and related industries in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. The combination of Watercare International and Ametis Projects has proved in the past to be very successful with Customers commenting on how satisfied they are in the products and outstanding service received.”

David Barrett, Managing Director at Ametis Projects said “To strengthen our technology base, we are proud to have retained a long alliance with the personnel of Watercare International Ltd based in the United Kingdom, who continue to provide us with the process design on large projects as well as latest technology developments in the industry. We are excited about this new partnership that will see us bring the respective skills of both companies to the market to deliver the successful solutions that Sub-Saharan African enterprises are in real need of”

Watercare Projects SA has Graeme Kilfoil at its helm in the role of Director. Graeme has been involved with water treatment in sub-Saharan Africa for the past 20 years and sees the need for the specialist skills brought together under the banner of Watercare Projects SA.

“What we are finding here in South Africa is a deterioration of our raw water quality and as such water treatment plant that was designed and built a few decades ago can no longer cope with the water it is now being fed and hence this equipment needs to be upgraded or refurbished to treat the water to the required specifications” says Kilfoil.

In his previous positions, Kilfoil has led teams involved in the Sasol Landlord Project, which took cooling system blow-down water, previously discarded into the river, and treated it for industrial reuse. He was also involved in the recently signed Eskom Kusile water treatment project, where ultra-pure water is to be produced for boiler feed and hazardous flue-gas desulphuriser brine is taken to a dry salt for landfill disposal.


About Watercare International Ltd


Watercare International Limited is dedicated to offering a complete range of clean process water treatment solutions and associated services to a worldwide customer base. We are an independent company with access to all technologies in the market place that allows us to utilise the best available technologies in our solutions. The team at Watercare International is amongst the most experienced in Europe in the provision of new, refurbished or upgraded, integrated water treatment process plant solutions.

Our mission statement “Who Cares Wins” underpins our philosophy and approach to work. This is reflected in our commitment to generating long-term relationships with both our customers and our suppliers; supporting our customers in the provision of after sales support and service through on-site engineering services as well as a wide range of on-going engineering and process technical support.


About Ametis Projects CC


Ametis Projects CC, based in Johannesburg, commenced trading on 1st January 2004, targeting the Food & Beverage and Industrial water treatment business.

The five shareholders of the Company have extensive experience in this industry, individually with between 20 - 30 years gained from being executives/shareholders in Chematron Products, which was bought out in 1999 by an international French Water Treatment Company.

Besides consulting they design, manufacture, install and commission water treatment plant & equipment, specialising in conventional water treatment, demineralisation, ion exchange, reverse osmosis and ultra filtration technologies throughout Africa and Mauritius.

If you would like more information about Watercare Projects SA please contact Graeme Kilfoil on +27 836278161 or Watercare International on +44(0)1189 405920 or go to www.watercareint.com