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The main benefits you will receive from a Watercare International Survey are:

  • A blueprint document identifying issues with the current plant set-up and prioritising of recommended actions that will deliver improved efficiency, reliability and plant security.
  • Identifying potential and current limitations of the plant with respect to utility consumption (chemicals, water etc) and mechanical and I&C reliability. This will involve close scrutiny of key sequences or process stages.
  • Identifies how the plant should be operated under the prevailing conditions and what should and shouldn’t be expected from it.
  • Identifies actions, which will improve utility consumption, plant capacity and plant reliability as well as identifying potential cost savings.
  • Identifies opportunities to modify the plant operation to provide a more reliable and consistent quality of product and waste streams.

When a new water treatment or wastewater treatment plant is designed, installed and commissioned it should deliver the specific quality and quantity of treated water that it has been designed to meet in the most efficient manner in terms of utility consumption. If the plant is maintained and operated in line with the recommended maintenance regime, it should give many years of trouble free operation. However, in reality, the majority of water and wastewater treatment plants are subject to changes that were not foreseen at the time of design such as:

  • changes in the feed water quality
  • changes in production requirements
  • operational changes
  • settings that have been changed or drifted from the optimum set-up
  • general age of the installation
  • environmental related failures or reduced performance
  • extension of original design life
  • changes in Corporate policies with regards to cost of operation
  • environmental impact from new legislation
  • health and safety concerns

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