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The automotive industry uses large volumes of water in various applications such as rinse water in the production of cars, boiler feed water, cooling water and water for humidification. As with any other global manufacturing industry, competition for market share is strong and all manufacturers are looking at their costs of manufacture and their environmental impact.

Water is high volume utility that is becoming increasingly scarce and so expensive not only to procure but also to dispose of. The automotive industry has the added pressure of having high levels of metals in their waste that need to be removed prior to re-use or disposal.

Watercare International has worked with many car manufacturers to develop and provide the best technical and cost effective solution to meet their specific needs.

Whether it’s new plant, modification, refurbishment, in-depth surveys or simply routine maintenance, you can be assured that our expertise in Water Treatment and long experience of working with the Automotive Industry will ensure you always get the very best advice, support and solutions to your water treatment needs.

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