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Design & Build

At Watercare International we provide practical experience and technical expertise in consultancy which we believe is second to none. We have a commitment to provide a premium quality service both on-site and off-site that is both timely and effective.

Technical, In-House Expertise

The key to the high-quality of our service lies in our in-house process, mechanical and electrical engineering expertise built up in a design and build environment.  We have many years of experience at turning design concepts into fully built and commissioned water treatment process plants. Our team boasts a wide range of engineering disciplines and field based skills specifically relevant to the broadest range of water treatment processes.

Our consultancy services

If you are in need of professional advice about how to troubleshoot or optimise your water treatment systems, then we can offer you practical solutions to a wide range of issues. Our technical consultancy service is focused on hands-on ways that you can noticeably improve performance and reduce the running cost associated with your plant. Our team of consultants work with a wide range of clients in the process industry and can lend assistance in the following ways: :

  • Plant Surveys
  • Process Troubleshooting
  • FEED and Feasibility Studies
  • Design Services
  • Training Services
  • Pilot Trials
  • Special Process Design (e.g. metals recovery)
  • Process Chemistry Support
  • Water and Effluent Sampling
  • Service and Support Contracts

Talk to us:

We would be delighted to talk to you about your needs or issues and propose solutions that are specific to your operations. For personalised advice and a bespoke quote, call us on (0118) 940 5920

Case Studies

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Industry Expertise

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