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Ultrapure Water (UPW) is the most voracious and aggressive solvent employed by the electronics industry in the cleaning and production of silicon wafers and chips. UPW is used in wafer production, standard wet cleans, and other wet processes such as some etch processes, solvent processes and chemical mechanical planarization (CMP), and rinses and is often the last step in the manufacturing process and opportunity to remove contamination that may otherwise render the individual chip as a failure.

During the past four decades the microelectronics industry has exponentially increased the number of circuits that are etched onto silicon chips. The increase in the number of circuits has significantly decreased the line-width and feature dimensions in these circuits making it even more of a priority for the removal of ionic contamination. As such, Semiconductor manufacturing processes have some of the most stringent specifications for ionic and organic contamination in Ultrapure water (UPW) systems.

A reliable source of consistent quality UPW is a key element in any manufacturer’s production process to allow them to achieve cost effective yields.

The personnel at Watercare International Ltd have been involved in the design, build, upgrade, refurbishment and service of many UPW plants for major manufacturers such as Shinetsu, Motorola, Freescale and Fujitsu amongst others. Our Process Engineers understand and have the expertise to design or modify plants to achieve the stringent low levels (sub ppt) of ionic and organic contamination required by today’s Semiconductor manufacturers

Whether it’s new plant, modification, refurbishment, in-depth surveys or simply routine maintenance, you can be assured that our expertise in Water Treatment and long experience of working with the Microelectronics Industry will ensure you always get the very best advice, support and solutions to your water treatment needs.

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