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Our Services for the Pulp and Paper Industry

At Watercare International our team has many years direct hands-on experience of successfully improving the performance of water treatment systems within the pulp and paper industry.

Why your water treatment systems matter

The current pressures facing UK pulp and paper manufacturers in face of stiff global competition and climate change concerns are forcing the industry to look inwardly at its cost of manufacture and its impact on the global environment. Our services can help your business cut down on the water and power needed to produce your product, while reducing the impact of your operation on the environment.

The result is a secure and sustainable local water supply, lower overheads in terms of power output and compliance with environmental standards legislation.

How we can help

The generation of electricity and heat in a CHP requires purified water to act as feed water to the boilers. Our team have designed and built many such water treatment plants for this purpose and understand the issues associated with your industry. Water, electricity and chemical consumption are key considerations in all our designs, ensuring the most economically efficient plant for the specific application.

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Whether it’s new plant, modification, refurbishment, in-depth surveys or simply routine maintenance, you can be assured that our expertise in Water Treatment and long experience of working with the Pulp and Paper Industry will ensure you always get the very best advice, support and solutions to your water treatment needs. Give us a call on 0118 940 5920 or send us a message through our [online contact form].




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