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Our Services for the Steel Manufacturing Industry

High quality water treatment facilities are essential for manufacturers working in the steel industry. At Water care International we understand the importance of well treated water to the quality of your finished product. Our consultancy, build, design and maintenance services are all targeted to help improve the efficiency of your operation, cut your overheads and reduce your environmental impact.

How we help

Since 2003 we have worked with key UK Steel Producers to revalidate and assess water usage and re-use for their demands now and for the future. Our services have enabled our clients to reduce the volumes of water needed for such diverse duties such as cooling equipment, furnaces and inter-stage steel products, raising steam and scale removal. We also help your business become more environmentally friendly through improving the effectiveness of effluent treatment and wastewater purification systems.

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If you are a steel manufacturer and are looking for sound advice on how to set up new plant or improve an existing water treatment facility, get in touch with our team of experts today. For an initial chat, send us an email through our [contact form] or phone us directly on 0118 940 5920




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